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7th January
Open DPI competition

21st January
James Sparshatt (Latin America)

4th February
Studio Flash Art - Presentation and Practical

18th February
Tech Evening / Further Processing (B&W ) - Phil Harbord

4th March
COMP 1 : Abstract - Judge : David Jordan

18th March
”My Style” Members present

19th March
Battle - 3-Way v Wymondham v Lowestoft at Wymondham

1st April
Critique Evening - Members to Critique

15th April
Continuous Development : DVD presentation

6th May
Meet and Shoot at Happisburgh (Beach Carpark)

20th May
COMP 2 : Reflections- Judge : Rex Makemson

3rd June
Meet and Shoot at How Hill

11th June
Inter Club Comp v North Walsham and Caister? At North Walsham

17th June
Interclub Competition against Bungay (at home)

1st July
COMP 3 : Coast- Judge : Andy Wilson

15th July
Meet and Shoot at Norwich (meet Adam and Eve Carpark)

11th August
Afternoon Tea at Dick and Yvonne’s

2nd September
Review and critique Meet and Shoot images

16th September
COMP 4 : Street Photography - Judge : Frank Blyth

7th October
Roger Hance (FRPS)

21st October
Members’ AV Evening

4th November
COMP 5 : Minimalist - Judge : Malcolm English

18th November
Chris Bell : Storm Chasing

2nd December
Des King’s India

16th December

All judges are PAGB listed

N.B. This programme could change during the course of the year