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Buxton Photographic Club (Norfolk)

How to create a White border around an image.:- (Black Border)

Firstly ensure all that needs to be done is done to your image and file it in a folder of your choice.

1)Open Photo Shop CS2 or higher.

2) Go to “File” and choose OPEN. (open the image to border)

3) Once image is open on your PC look at it. If it has areas of white or very Light areas it will

be a good idea to put a fine black line around your image to stop the images leaking out into

the white area. To do this follow step 4. If it is dark or well defined go to 7.

4) Go to Image and click on CANVAS SIZE.

5) A new window will open. Firstly change Width & Height to Pixels by opening up the down

arrow by the side of W&H.

Then click the RELATIVE box to show a green tick, now move down too the BACKGROUND

click the down arrow to and then click Black in the newly open box.

Return to H & W enter 10 in each section. Now press OK.

6) This will retain your image. Now add the white border. As before go to IMAGE and choose

CANVAS SIZE. Change H &W to show Pixels. Go down to colour and with the down

arrow click and change it to White. Return to H & W now enter 250 in each section. Ensure

the Relative box still has a green tick in it. Click OK. This will now give you your first

major border.

7) Return to IMAGE and click CANVAS SIZE The new box opens and as before change H &

W to Pixels, now go to colour and change this to Black as done earlier. Ensure the Relative

box still has a green tick in it. Return to H & W and enter 10 in each. Click OK.

8) The next stage is a repeat of 7 except colour needs to be changed to White and 525 put in H&W, followed by OK.

9) Because you are creating a white Border and printing on white photo paper it is important to

put a fine defining line around your image.

10) To do this repeat 4&5. this will give you your final image.

11) Now save with a new name in the same folder so as not to overwrite your original image.

12) Should you make a mistake, on the right hand side of your window there is a box called

HISTORY, you can delete your last image stage if you high light it and then click on the dust

bin and say YES. This will take you back one stage.

13) Should you wish to create Black Borders use just three stages i.e.:- 250-Black, 10-White

followed by 525-Black. But be aware if the image has large black or dark areas you may

wish to put a fine white line around your image first as you did with the white border.

14) The Numbers are only a guide as are the colours B & W you can choose different sizes and

different colours to suit your image.

How to create borders in Photoshop