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Buxton Photographic Club (Norfolk)

1. Entries must not have been previously submitted in a Buxton Photographic Club competition (other than the January DPI competition) and should be recent work.

2. Minimum print size, unless otherwise stated, should be an area of 35 sq. ins. (219 sq. Cm.) visible print size. (i.e. without mount)

3. Prints must be mounted & titled, with the author’s name printed on the back of the mount positioned to indicate top of the print. Mount size must be 40cm x 50cm (16in x 20in). Titles may be put on the front as part of the presentation. Pre-printed labels are provided to members by the club to complete and stick on the back of prints.  You can also download these labels on the articles page.

4. Maximum of 3 images per entrant. One as an OPEN print one as a digital JPEG image and one SET SUBJECT which must be a print. The digital copies of all images must be submitted via the website at least 8 days before the competition along with the names of all your images.

5. Submissions must be made via the website no later than 8 days prior to the competition, unless otherwise stated.

6. Prints submitted in competitions may be trade or home processed & may be traditionally or digitally processed. All images should originate as solely the work of the author & should not contain any element of copied work from any other source, copyright free or not.

7. Digital images must be resized in accordance with the instructions on the website, found on the articles page http://www.buxtonphotographicclub.co.uk/articles.html . This is basically a maximum 1920 x 1200  and can include a 2px wide boarder around the image (but within the 1920 x 1200 size limit).

8. Entries not conforming to the theme of the particular competition, or failing with the general competition rules, will be eliminated.

9. In the event of a tie, the entrant with the highest mark, in a countback, will be judged the winner. If a tie still results, the judge will be asked to select a winner and award points accordingly.

10. Only entries from bona-fide paid up members of BPC are allowed.

Any infringement of the above rules will cause the entry to be rejected.

Club Competition Rules


Each year there will be inter-club print and DPI competitions, therefore we should like from you copies of your best prints for possible selection. We require at least 20 prints to represent the club. Those selected will retained by the Competition Secretary for use during the year. The club is likely to enter district competitions.


In all OPEN competitions subject matter is at the discretion of the photographer.

To upload your digital photo’s for the competitions please click on the button below:

Competition Upload

For a full breakdown of the current competition results please click on the link below: