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Buxton Photographic Club (Norfolk)

How to prepare an image for a digital competition

The following instructions are for Photoshop but should be similar in most image editing programs.

1. Open the image: File>open.

2. Flatten the image: If there are multiple layers.

3. Convert the Mode: Select Image>Mode - tick 8 bits.

4. Convert to Profile: Select Edit>Convert to Profile. From the Destination Space drop down list select sRGB then click OK. This step ensures your image is in the same colour space as the projector.

5. Image Size: Select Image>Image Size. First change the Resolution to 72 pixels/inch. For a landscape image change the Width to 1920 pixels (the height will be automatically adjusted providing the Constrain Proportions box is ticked).

For a portrait image change the Height to 1200.  A square image should be 1200 x 1200.  Ensure that the Scale Styles and Resample Image boxes are ticked.  Bicubic resampling is the best.  Click OK.

6. Add a 2 pixel wide border if desired:

Ensure the foreground colour is set to White.

Select the whole image Select>All, (keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A.) Select Edit>Stroke. Set the Stroke width to 2 px. Make sure the colour is white. Set the Location to Inside. Click OK.

7. Sharpen: Select Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask.

The amount of sharpening will depend on the original size of the image you started with, 40% to 50% should be sufficient. When you are satisfied click OK. Note: The image will need sharpening after resizing regardless of any sharpening applied previously.

8. Save the image: Select File>Save As (keyboard short cut Ctrl+shift+s). Select the folder you created for the competition images. Select jpg as the file format. Rename the file with the title and your name e.g. Morning by Joe Bloggs.jpg, click OK. In the next window select 12 as the quality, click OK.

9. Close: File>Close (keyboard short cut Ctrl+W)